Belgium Beer Tasting in ISTANBUL

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The beer culture in Turkey is evolving each day. We were used to drink only medium quality Turkish lager like 3-4 years ago and now, most of us are familiar with imported beers from all around the world!

Belçika birası tadımı

Everyone has a favourite brand or a country for beer, but this session was focused on Belgium beer. My beer blogger friends has executed a delightful event like this and has informed the audience about the characters of Belgium beer and about general beer information.

Belçika birası

  • The general bias is that adding sugar to the beer while production phase is lowering the quality. The thing is that it gives richness to the beer and optimize the fermantation process whcih makes the Belgium beers so great.
  • Yeast helps the beer to mature in the bottle. Thus, in correct conditions, beer can be aged as well. The beer with more alcohol has the tendency to age better.
  • The production cycle of beer so quite alike with whiskey. I may even say every whiskey was a beer first at the production phase. Long live the malt brotherhood!

belçika birası

  • The dark beers are roasted in the production and that gives the taste the hint of coffee, cacao and chocolate notes.
  • Lager beers like Budweisser and Miller are the most consumed beer type with their easy and fresh drinking. You should watch Budweisser 2015 ad video on youtube as well!
  • Yeast in Belgium beers make their flavor floral and sweet spicy.


Beers in Belgium are divided into several categories. (Man, what a culture!) The four main branches are as follows:

  • Dubbel (Westmalle)
  • Tripel (Tripel Karmeliet, Chimay)
  • White Beer (Hoegaarden)
  • Lambic & Gueuze (Cantillon)

belçika birası

After the teoric knowledge, here comes the tasting! There are several stages of evaluation. First, the colour and the foam is to the test. Second, the nose and the aroma scent are investigated. Third, the palate and the finish is tested. After that we just enjoy ourselves and try to figure out what kind of food goes with that beer.

Our tasting line-up was like this:

  • Hoegaarden
  • Chimay Blue
  • Chimay White
  • Chimay Red
  • Kasteel Blond
  • Delirium Tremens (golden ale)
  • Petrus Dubbel Bruin
  • La Corne
  • La Dorata

It was such a joyful event, I recommend it to everyone. If you are interesting in such tasting, just shoot me an email and I will help you out.


2 Responses to “Belgium Beer Tasting in ISTANBUL”

  1. 05/11/2016

    Omar Reply

    Where can i find tripel karmeliet in istanbul?

    • 07/11/2016

      beyazyakaligurme Reply

      Hello Omar,
      It exist in most of the beer bars in Besiktas and Kadikoy region. To purchase, you can check Metro Gross Markets and big liquor stores.

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